Gift giving at Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Always good to visit Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS FT & Royal Primary Care to provide our variety of gifts for patients to select from whilst going through cancer treatment and have an opportunity for a catch up!

Great to work with people who love and are supportive of what we do.

It was a lovely surprise to receive a donation of £50 from the team from their recent coffee morning to help support our gift packs.

This was presented by Dawn Warrington from the NGS Macmillan Unit in the picture. We are really grateful for this thank you.

Having left the hospital we come home to a lovely letter from a patient who has received one of our gifts from the hospital and how much it helped through the first session of chemo. This is why we love to do what we do.

Buy a gift that will make their way into our gift packs and support people going through cancer treatment by visiting:

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