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Surprise Christmas Hamper Countdown!

Our charity's surprise Christmas Hampers are coming … just under 6 weeks to go before they start to be delivered as a surprise to adults who are going through cancer treatment in the community following being nominated by family, friend or a colleague.

Nominations are starting to come in and hearing people’s stories, they really deserve receiving one and that why doing this is going to be extra special!

What does it involve??

The recipient will get a festive food & drink hamper filled with goodies ready to be enjoyed and we cannot wait to start handing them out ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks to wonderful donations by companies and wonderful individuals such as Rachel Collar⭐️FCIPD, Adam Fox, John Griff, Michelle Lewis - Fun Motivator Upbeat Michelle Wright, Fawsley Hall Hotel and more - we can fund 39 hampers so far. AMAZING!

We would love to increase this number and give more ❤️

If you are an individual or business who would like to donate and fund the cost of a hamper or as many hampers as you like.

1 hamper costs £35, which will fund:

⭐️ entire hamper and contents

⭐️ company logo and message on the hamper. If individual, then a message. Totally fine to go anonymous too.

⭐️social media shout outs

⭐️ knowing you will have really made someone’s Christmas.

Get involved and head to:

Alternatively, I can send across an invoice. Just drop an email to:

Please share this post to get as many people involved as possible ❤️❤️❤️

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