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Why I am running 10k for The Lewis Foundation at The Northampton Half Marathon

We are proud to have Leanne Norris running for us Northampton Half Marathon on 26th September 2021. Leanne will be running the Northampton 6 - 10K run.

This is why Leanne is running for us:

There cannot be one person in this world who at some point in there life hasn’t or won’t be affected by cancer. At a very young age my best friend, Heena, was first diagnosed. She was a true beauty inside and out that sadly by aged 21 we lost.

Only last year Cancer crept back into my life again and took another dear friend, Stuart. Stuart had received care packs whilst undergoing treatment at NGH, the receipt of which had a huge impact on him and as a result, he was an avid supporter of the work that Lee & Lorraine do at the The Lewis Foundation so when they were nominated earlier this year as my employers charity of the year - they immediately got my vote !

This run is a huge personal challenge to me and just one fundraising activity over a year of activities to support this great charity - but no matter how big a challenge it is for me - it is no match to the challenge thousands of adults are facing everyday undergoing cancer treatment.

Leanne works for VOICE who are also supporting us as their Charity of The Year.

Show her your support by visiting:

There is still time to sign up and run for FREE and raise funds for The Lewis Foundation by doing either the Half Marathon or 10K by visiting:

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