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Here are some of the people who we have met and helped along our journey.


Our charity enables us to meet so many amazing people, one of those people being Jim.

For around a year on and off we would visit Jim every Friday evening during our visits around Talbot Butler Ward at Northampton General Hospital.

It was a pleasure getting to know Jim beyond what he was going through. We had so many laughs, shared many stories and built a great relationship in the process. We always looked forward to visiting him.

Every week, Jim would have a colouring book as his gift from our charity. So, we would spend the week finding new ones for him ready for Friday night. Then he would share with us, what he had coloured in and they always looked amazing. Our favourite one, being the Game of Thrones colouring book that we gifted to him.

Jim would support us whilst in hospital by sharing with others what we do, to enable us to help others. Even when Jim was not in the hospital, he continued to support our such as attending our coffee morning. This meant a lot to us.

It made us really sad, when Jim passed away because we got to know him and spend time with him. We do miss those chats. Via our hospital visits, we also got to know Jim's family too. We are grateful for the support they have shown to us and continue to give in Jim's memory to help others.


As a charity, we are blessed with meeting amazing people that touch and enrich our lives. Lorraine Lloyd was one of those people, who we had the privilege of knowing.

We pay our respects to someone who was so kind & caring. She would go out of her  way for anyone, like the time she spotted a lady who was homeless in winter without a coat and so gave her own to the lady. She didn't do it for recognition, she did it because she cared about people, which was the type of lady that she was.

Lorraine was always smiling and laughing, with a twinkle in your eye that would light up a room. We loved and now miss our chats. 

Thank you for you all you did for our charity to help support others. The ball you began to organise to help raise money for our charity will be amazing in your memory. It will help make such a difference to so many other people.

Thank you for the way you brightened our lives and with it bringing friendships in the form of your wonderful family.


We are sending our love and thoughts to Joan Stranaghan and family as we remember Robbie.

We got to know Robbie over the last couple of years and it has been amazing getting to know Robbie, his family and friends. 

No matter how Robbie felt, he would always come with Joan to our coffee mornings each month. We know this was something that was not easy for him to do, especially not living local. However, it was always great catching up, hearing his stories, jokes and sharing his love of music. 

He was always willing to help and support others, which we witnessed and that was even when he was in hospital having treatment. We will always be grateful for the love and support you gave our charity, so that we could help others. We most definitely will miss you



Paying our respects to amazing lady.

Beautiful words from her sister Elizabeth Brooks.

Despite all that life threw at her Caroline just got on with everything and took it all in her stride. She loved her family and friends dearly and they in turn thought the world of her. She also had a love of any animal she came into contact with and had been a staunch supporter of her beloved Liverpool for many years. She was a very caring lady with a heart of gold and enthusiastically supported charities close to her heart, including The Lewis Foundation.

She was extremely grateful for the help and support she received from them and really enjoyed the well-being day earlier this year at Highgate House which they organised.


We are sending our love and thoughts to Simone Smith's family as we remember

what an amazing lady she was.

We got to meet Simone during her stays at Northampton General Hospital. It was always a pleasure speaking to Simone. She always seemed to be a whirlwind of fun and laughter. We always felt uplifted in her presence, even when we knew sometimes she found It a struggle. We will always be grateful for the love and support she showed our charity, in whatever way she could.


In her memory, £2240 has been raised, which will provide gifts to 622 other people receiving cancer treatment in hospital. We know this would have meant a lot to her as she always wanted to find a way to help us help others. Thank you for all your support, which we will never forget.



We have been paying our respects to Charlotte Steers.

It was with great sadness to hear of the passing of such a beautiful, kind and inspirational lady.

We have spent many friday nights at Northampton General with Charlotte, which went from the giving of a gift to getting to know her as a person. We loved spending time chatting with Charlotte and her mum Allison Newby

Today we saw a quote "There are some who bring a light so great to the world, that even after they have gone, the light remains".

It made us think of Charlotte. Even right to the end she was thinking of ways to help us to help others who were going through what she was. She has inspired and continues to inspire others to give gifts to others to make them smile.

It was a privilege to have met you.


We are paying our respects to Janet Clyde, who recently passed away.

We have known Janet for many years, before we started the charity. We met Janet, when Janice Lewis was receiving cancer treatment on Talbot Butler Ward in Northampton General Hospital.

When we wasn't there, she would keep Janice company. The 2 of them became great friends, who would get up to mischief and once out of the hospital go out together. 

She was a fantastic support to our family when Chris Lewis passed away. Something that will never be forgotten.

She was full of fun and life and a very caring and giving person. She would have us in stitches with her brutal honesty about people and life.

Her daughter Fern Clyde-dines said ""she is was and always will be my best friend and my beautiful guardian angel. She fought like the warrior she always instilled in me & my sisters." 



We want to pay our respects to Mike Wells who has sadly passed away. Lee met Mike through his work and would spend time speaking with him, in addition to bringing him items for his treatment in hospital. He was always so positive and passionate about The Lewis Foundation. In his memory, he left a legacy payment which will enable us to provide gifts to others receiving treatment for cancer in hospital.


Lee met Mike at Scoffers Cafe, Lee used to sit down and have a cup of tea with Mike and hear all his story. You will sadly be missed.



We would like to pay our respects to an amazing lady, who sadly passed away Sue Passchier.

Sue and her family have been a fantastic support to our charity. Whether it was fundraising, coming along to events and raising awareness of what we do.

Her daughter CharNee Leaves shared with us the following: We just wanted to say that she was so grateful to the support you showed for me and her during the summer. How much easier the gift packs made our lives whenever she was admitted. Also the magazine gift pack had a sample of a perfume in we both loved - she managed to get me it for Xmas and so forever when I smell that I will remember & think of my mum so thank you to the lewis foundation 💕 

Sue asked for donations to our charity instead of flowers at her funeral. Therefore, continuing to help others in her memory.