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Pre coronavirus we relied on fundraising, events, donations and legacy payments to be able to provide our gifts each week to patients in hospital.

However, overnight the way we usually generated funds for our charity stopped. The demand for our support did not stop. With people now no longer allowed visitors in hospital and people diagnosed with cancer having to shield, it meant that the demand for our services increased. Meanwhile, the demand on our finances did not.

Therefore, we turned to business funding to get us through this period. It is because of this funding that we have not only been able to continue but also been able to grow. We have created new packs to support  people in the community, packs to treat specific cancers that we had never done before and funding to keep our existing gifts going. We are thankful to the funders and businesses that have supported us during this period.

Below we share the difference that these funds have helped to make to cancer patients during Covid - 19.


£3000 awarded for Self - Isolation packs for adults shielding in the community.



£2600 awarded to our charity to help support the giving of our gift packs.
Aviva employees could each pledge £15 to support our target of £2600 to raise money for our gift packs.

We are proud to say that the target was met and £2600 was donated to our charity as a result.



£500 was awarded as part of the Tesco Covid-19 Bag For Life to help us provide 138 care packs to adults receiving cancer treatment in hospitals. The packs contained essential items for day treatment in hospital such as hand sanitiser, notepad & pen, sweets, and hand cream.

Watch the video to see how the money donated to our charity made a difference. 

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