We give out just over 2500 gifts a month to adult cancer patients in 7 different hospitals.  

In October this year I was admitted to Leicester Royal Infirmary with a pretty nasty infection that delayed my chemotherapy. Got a phone call out of the blue,went in expecting to be given antibiotics and sent on my way. Well,I was wrong,I was in for a week.

After much moaning,I found your tubs of gift packs in the day room.

At the age of 53 I got a colouring book and a dot to dot.

Such simple things,but they have really helped me.I can relax and create some lovely pictures and when I go in for my fortnightly chemo,I have had nurses ask me to colour them pictures,which I have,gladly.

I really cannot convey my gratitude for your kindness and wish you all well for the future.

(Mike Payne)

I remember the first time my husband met the team when they visited Talbot Butler ward. He had had to stay in unexpectedly so it was a very hard time full of a lot of emotion. The team came round on the Friday night with big smiles and introduced themselves and offered him a gift pack free of charge. The choice of gifts was amazing and we spent time talking to them about their work. We couldn't believe that people did this in their own time for nothing and we were overwhelmed by their generosity. The gift and the sentiment meant so much we chose a pampering pack which contained mens toiletries which were so useful, especially as we hadn't expected that we were going to be admitted so these items were very useful. It is so humbling in today's world that people take the time selflessly out of their busy lives to do such a wonderful thing and it meant the world.  (Nikki Fitzpatrick)

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