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At The Lewis Foundation we source, package and hand deliver free gifts and support packs to adult cancer patients in hospital every week – items they might find difficult to buy themselves or simply cannot afford. It can be a sad, frightening and lonely experience for individuals undergoing cancer treatment, and for many people in hospital, our volunteers are their only regular visitors.

We rely on donations, fundraising support and volunteers to make a difference.

Are the gift packs free?

Yes! All the gifts we give are free. We never take a donation in return and we do not have donation tubs in any of the hospitals that we support. It is a treat and would not be a gift if money was given in return.

How are the gift packs free?

The gift packs are free because we fundraise and receive donated products. We also have companies sponsor a gift pack which means they donate us the products for the gift packs for free.

Do I have to sign up?

There is nothing to sign to receive one of our gifts. You are more than welcome to subscribe to our email list to receive updates on events and news about the charity. You will still receive free gift packs if you don't sign up.

Are you funded?

We have had funding in 2017 from the Northampton community foundation. They help us fund our storerooms, marketing materials and marquee. Additional funding in 2017 came from the national lottery, which helped to fund our storeroom for 2018/2019, a further marquee, marketing material and a printer.

Can anyone be a volunteer?

Yes, anyone can be a volunteer for our charity all we ask is for a meeting and some general paperwork then you're a part of Team Lewis.

Do you take second-hand donations?

When it comes to our gift packs, we only put new products into the gift bags. This is to prevent risk of any infections. We take second-hand books, CDs and DVDs so we can use them for fundraising. If you do have items of this nature you wish to donate, then please get in touch.

Do you get help from the government?

In short, no. We are a small charity and all the money raised is money that has been donated by individuals and businesses. We get great support from the public and local businesses that helps us on our journey of providing our free gifts to adults receiving cancer treatment in hospital.

Is the gift only for specific cancer?

We give our gifts to all adult cancer patients as we witnessed boredom and loneliness being experienced by everyone, no matter what type of cancer you have.

Can I help myself to the tubs in the hospitals?

Yes! If you spot a tub with a Lewis Foundation logo whilst you are in hospital and it states please help yourself to a gift, then please do. Please share this with others so they are also aware.

Do you give gifts to children?

Our focus is on adults receiving cancer treatment in hospital. We saw a need for a charity, that provides gifts to adults due to witnessing boredom and loneliness when visiting the hospital.

I can't get through on the phones or email?

We balance the charity on our days off (when we are not doing our day jobs) and can't always answer your calls or emails immediately. Just leave us an email or leave a message with our office team or txt message with your details and one of our team will get back to you as soon as we can. We experience a high number of phone calls and emails. We will always get back to you.

Have you got a question that hasn't been answered?

If we have not answered your question above, then please contact us. One of our team will answer your question.

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