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New home thanks to funding from Postcode Places Trust!

We have received £17500 from the Postcode Places Trust, which has enabled us to finally get our own hub for our volunteers and community supporters to use to carry out our charity work.

We have never had a space of our own and operated from our home, our local storage unit and the Elgar Community Centre in Upton, Northampton. However, this meant as a charity we were limited in how and when we could carry out our charity work. Often opportunities for people to get involved, raise awareness and secure donations for our cause were lost.

We applied to the Postcode Places Trust which is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People's Postcode Lottery, to see if they could assist and received news that we were successful.

We now have a space to carry out our charitable activities such as gift packing, meeting with our volunteers and carrying out team building activities to support our charity with businesses in the community.

Exciting times ahead for our charity!

Check out the different ways you can support us by visiting:

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