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For the month of August we are asking you to take part in our "One Gift Campaign."  


The average cost of our gift is £3.60. Donating "one gift" will help to make a difference to someone who is in hospital going through cancer treatment. It is a really simple way to make a huge difference to others. 


Here is an example of the difference your support can make: 

“I am nearly 86 years old and I am suffering with inoperable pancreatic cancer. Last year I was in the Talbot Butler Ward when I received one of your gift parcels. It brought tears to my eyes to think that someone apart from my family cared.  When I was in the emergency department this year, I was given an isolation pack. Filled with the most useful thing and greatly received. It really does lift your spirits. Thank you once again for bringing a ray of sunshine to those that are suffering.”


Get involved in our campaign!


Donate a minimum of £3.60, the cost of 1 gift HERE


Once you have made a donation, you will be sent a wristband in the post. 


To help spread awareness to encourage others to donate and support our campaign, once you have received the wristband take a picture and tag us in. This way you can share your support that you have donated a gift to help make a difference, which will encourage others to get involved too.  Use the hashtag #TLFONEGIFT.


Our Social Media Channels to tag us in:




Instagram: @thelewisfoundation


Twitter: @uk_tlf 




Help us spread the love and make a difference to adults going through cancer treatment in hospital.


I'm messaging you to thank you all so very much for the last gift bags I received from you. In the last year I have been admitted to Talbot Butler Ward at least 5 times one of which was for my stem cell transplant. Each gift bag I have received during this time has always been very truly gratefully received and very appreciated. This time I was admitted and I had a virus which meant no one could come in my room without masks aprons and gloves, including my husband. This was worse for me than when I had the transplant.  This time  I had a temperature, very bad throat and extremely sore nose. The 2 packs I received of a pack with 3 bags of sweets and a pamper pack were amazing and words can't explain how much they were needed,  appreciated and made so much of a difference to my stay. I had soft tissues, sweets to suck,  lip balm, soft face flannel, moisturiser and other bits to make me feel so so much better. Your thoughtful gifts made things so much better for me so thank you from the bottom of ny heart. My long journey in facing through this blood cancer (myeloma) will always be made easier by kind ,caring ,  thoughtful people like.yourselves and all who help you. Thank you all again