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Gift deliveries to new hospital wards 🎉🎉🎉

Brightening up a rainy day ☀️

Headed to Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust where we have been able to support a new ward for people with lung cancer, extending the services we provide to this hospital.

We also were able to make gift deliveries to Leicester's Hospitals Royal Infirmary covering Oncology, radiotherapy and Haematology. We were recently asked if we could extend the services to Sarcoma patients and today we were able to start providing gifts to those patients too.

It is great to be able to work with the nurses and hospital staff to work on different ways we can work together to support the patients in hospital. This enables us to ensure that the gifts are suitable and meet the patients need.

If you are at either of those hospitals and don’t see a gift, please ask. They are sometimes stored in our tubs to ensure they are kept safe.

Please share and spread the love, so everyone is aware of our service ❤️

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