Gift Delivery Day!

We currently provide a choice of 29 different gifts for adult cancer patients whilst they have treatment in hospitals.

There are gifts such as overnight packs for if your rushed in and have no toiletries or underwear, radios for something to listen to and puzzle books to help pass the time.

It is great to be able to provide such a wide selection, so that when you are in hospital you receive a pack with items that you actually want or need.

Today we were able to provide our gifts to:

Northampton General Hospital

Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust - packs funded by ASAP Innovations

Kettering General Hospital - packs funded by Sir Robert McAlpine

In total 270 gifts given to help brighten people’s day.

Want to help make a difference?

Buy a gift from our gift list, which will make their way straight into our packs.

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