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Voice Silent Disco in aid of The Lewis Foundation!

What an amazing night in aid of The Lewis Foundation!

As you will have seen Voice in Northampton are supporting us as their Charity Of The Year.

The latest fundraiser to raise awareness and support for our charity was a Silent Disco with the the theme “Through the Decades” which took place last night. You will see the outfits from the photos.

It was so much fun!

For us it was a great way to get know members of the Voice team who are supporting us and an opportunity to speak to people about our work.

The event added another £500 to their fundraising total, which brings it to £1000 so far raised for our charity. This is amazing considering their aim was to raise £800 in 2021/2022.

Huge thank you to Leanne and the team at Voice for all the support and kindness you have shown us. It is really great to have companies in the community like you giving back to help others

If you want to support their mission to make a difference, you can do so here:

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